Cort MGM-1
Cort MGM-1
pibale 01/27/2010

Cort MGM-1 : pibale's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Describes and said it does correctly, it remains the classic in terms of equipment.


Channel pleasant, guitar balance, treble very well at CASC just a black micro home.


Played on an amp it sounds very good lamps
It should be a style blues / rock see APRS change mics, I just added a simple micro Blue Velvet between the two doubles that are on mine Pearly Gates and a rotary type PRS (see photo)

The amendment provides a combination of sounds suplmentaire got my mind concervant an LP.
I do not notice because it is more original.


Used for 7 years, very good price quality ratio used mainly in
I will ever change that choice and more