Dean Guitars Dimebag Dime-O-Flage
Dean Guitars Dimebag Dime-O-Flage
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goomstein 08/28/2007

Dean Guitars Dimebag Dime-O-Flage : goomstein's user review


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Made in China.
22 Frets
3 pots: two volume and one level, 3-position selector.
Body: Basswood NECK: saddle and fingerboard: rosewood.
Mcaniques grover
String-through body
Urban camouflage gray colored straw with black silhouettes of Dimebag ^ ^ ...

We go hard inaperu and personally I think she has great style Aesthetics.


The handle is one of the best I had in hand ... round, large and not too pais I find the grip trs good, we dplace easily Access in acute enough planks and we want the "bar" without getting too tired .

Ergonomics gnrale is also good: the guitar is not trs heavy as the body is long enough weight is rather well rpart and the handle looks up naturally.

The pickups are humbuckers zebra Dean: The neck is quite low and is rather good DEFINITIONS, draws closer to the bridge and the treble is a bit more powerful, the two sets are obtained easily from the potato but that it sounds rough ...


I play on a GT60 Harte piggy back. I play some metal, rock, funk ...

It works well for styles that I play. It feels so comfortable that it was always wanted to express.
In clean, it has good sound (although perhaps a little low load but also its charm aa) and saturated sound has the PCHE, but you have to like the highs (they are not overloaded but they dominate)

I'm happy even if I think a better range of passing in micro-lived.


I have my Dime-o-Flage 2 years now ... buy 382 instead of 470 (it is now worth just over 300 ...) it t first by its looks (all my friends dtstent but does not make that particulire me even more;))
For the entry level Premire and my meeting with Dean, I can say I am 100% happy with my choice!
I went from an unplayable Jim Harley, poorly finished and fragile electricity 1000 x better!
The shock does violate it can be also a guitar that I love so much and it affects my decision on forcment ^ ^
I felt comfortable IMMEDIATE, I amlior rhythmically, in short I want to play and I love playing it.
The pickups are good but I change them once even by a couple sh-2 jazz / sh-4 JB.
Quality level compared prices, I do not feel vol. There are some imperfections lightweight but very small as a small crack in the paint o the handle enters the body.

A budget gal? I fell for a Razorback DB (between CHARACTERISTICS same range) as j'apprcie enormment form but yes I do it again if that choice. If I had a bigger budget I took the Two-tone but frankly I do not regret my decision one minute;)