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Faber_FDM 03/15/2005

Fender Lead II : Faber_FDM's user review


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This is a real Fender US, manufactures the late 70s and in the early years of 80. Basically, it is a model for study of poorer quality than the Strat, Tele and others. It looks like a strat (with some differences all the same), but possde closer characteristics of a Jaguar with two microphones, a slecteur three positions, and an inverter for polarity (and yes, made six possibilities), 21 boxes. Basically, mine was transparent red, but a beast accident lactone was conducted in a talented luthier o it will become "Vintage Blonde". On the latter after the original varnish was very poor quality of that said I've never had to complain before the ... mcaniques the easel, the mounting gn ral always sembl me very correct.


For use, it's Fender ... the handle is very pleasant, has slides alone. The access to acute is like a Strat, obviously, it is not made for the fans of Yngwie Malmsteem or Steve Will, but the grip is all it has to be more correct .dropoff window
It is very easy to get a sound is all ok. All positions are also effective.


This is what we pass worth guitar ... Well, much to say right now. It's beautiful. The sound possde a characteristic grain. No doubt, it's a Fender. And it sounds like one. I can safely say the same to me, it sounds even better than a Fender US (Strat type) produced in the 80s and 90s, and this is compared with the Japanese Reissue of the m me period. The sound is perhaps less dfini than a Strat, but it is beautiful and much less cold after me than many strat that I could play later (well, I aprle aps a Strat 54, right ??). All positions sound beautifully, so that I never know what my prefers (try the neck pickup with reverse phase ... months leading me goosebumps). This guitar is incredibly versatile, I played the very rock nerv she was doing very well. Today, she is perfect my style: americana, country-rock with a touch of indie rock. Branch on my Fender amp with Boss BD-2 is the perfect match !! I'm in love with my sound. It is also Idale for funky rhythmic pop, Talking Heads Franz Ferdinand.


I bought this guitar in 1999 to 3,500 francs, I say that his permit was remont coast from ... that said, not to me, because I never resell !! This guitar with me everywhere, and I could never do without. I did not change against a Strat or a Tele. If you find a reasonably priced, think it might be a very smart choice, much better than buying a Fender US (including inflation in recent years is chilling) or let alone a Japanese reissue (even if some are very good).