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Dirt Noze 12/15/2005

Fender Lead II : Dirt Noze's user review


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Made in America in 1980 as archtop, serial number E014478

it has 21 frets, single with two microphones.

no vibrato on the horizon, traversing ropes (good for sustain)

one volume, one Tone slecteur slecteur 3 positions and a phase / out of phase (which only works qd the two microphones are turned on I think I understood too lol)

type of sleeve ... ben ... enjoyable not too big, not too flat like the ibanez (although I was not dplaise ibanez), I'm comfortable on it.

9, I fret over an AIM ^ ^ (not the guy sucks ...)


The handle is enjoyable trs, access to acute gn is easy but by the heel too pais.
trs is enjoyable to play standing as sitting, but it is almost as heavy as a les paul ... Imagine the DGAT APRS 4 hours BPS ... but I usually lol

and if not, we get a good sound easily, simply plug in the know ...


It attacks the good ... (But it will not rev objective is almost the only electric guitar on which I jou ...)

The sounds can not agree to a particular style, pasque I get everything out with ... with the UBER METAL I make him spit out the large metal if I want, it's not good either, but double it provides serious: D or else the blues cruncheux a good amp (which is not my case .. . mg100dfx) or trs good clear sound good in the bridge position and snapping round and hot desire on the neck position, but happiness!

when I put a little fuzz pedals in front of a (classic tube STRs) has lots of Nirvana grunge style yum

with wha wha and fuzz distortion I mentioned above we go to play the hendrix (well trying lol)


Premire is my guitar, one on which I always jou and on which I would always play (well j'espre). she has my mre silent but uses it any more so now

when I found in my attic, it had only two strings rusted and the handle dgueulasse full of dirt, and I had no ide on the guitar. Two years after I emerged with my first explained to me that I re-state (changeage strings / cleaning / dcrassage / drouillage).

I love this guitar

I would do this choice because it is not hard to find and TRS as any I will always fawn so I will not have to do it again