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archtop 10/10/2005

Fender Lead II : archtop's user review


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Made in America in 1980.
Series E010861
Start Maple Neck 21 frets thin varnish. 6 lifts marked F.

Lead body shape, ie strato style but the two horns leave box 21. Red transparent varnish has cracked the way around antique porcelain body.

2 simple inclined, a Volun, tone. a micro selector 3 positions. a selector on / off position for the phase two microphones.

Fixed bridge (no tremolo).

It was sold with its original Fender briefcase.


This is a guitar with which one feels immediately at ease. It has personality.

I find it a bit heavy, shoulder hurts after 3 hours of repeats.

Listed default, a prominent heel gene that access to acute, frets a bit high which hinder the slides, as well as the shaft slipping less than a veneer rosewood.
The profile of the handle is a little too round / thick but not my taste has an LP, I prefer the end profiles / flat.


A strength.

She screams. I used split humbucker sound. The simple equip the have nothing to do.

They are powerful, bright, plain or in full. I think they have a lump in the upper medium.

Loadings are less fat than a HB group also can be heard better.

the two microphones together and out of phase give a piano arpeggios at the pick.

I hesitate to put 10, it should be better.


I've had two and a half years.

I was looking for a guitar without vibrato to tune in 10 seconds.

Since I wanted a guitar different from mine which is MSM and floyd, I took this one has only two singles.

Many trafficked EETE, :-( vibrato assembly, changed pickups in general, it is a shame considering the quality and personality of the original.

The varnish is badly aging, becoming whitish to transparent, black can turn blue and peel.
Cracks are limited to body contours and give a vintage look!

It's a real Fender US, not known to us. It is found to much when there are, mini € 500 more with the briefcase.
It can be found for much less, $ 300 to US, but his rating goes up.

A purchase as soon as possible!