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strato_vintage 07/19/2008

Fender Lead II : strato_vintage's user review


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Mine is a maple key Transredes but I do not have the usual problems of varnish on this model or style money crunch. On mine I have just a few traces behind bizarre but it does not interfere with.
For the rest, see other opinions ..... everything has been said


Then the handle is a Fender highway. My fingers roam carefree as fast as lightning. I even had it playing malmsteen is saying ... A small problem for access to cause a sharp heel big enough, we must have big fingers and again, because when it comes to a bend on the last fret and hook your bin. As for the weight of the beast and bin it rather well balanced and I find it light and comfortable.

I put 9 because of access to acute


THE SOUND .... That is, 28 years of age for violin and micro X-1 that equipped the "the Start" in the bridge and "Dan Smith" can all go out!! The clean sounds are clear and saturation are precise and sharp. In short you receive it, you branch and there it sounds live. Velvet vintage that I like. These microphones out there that sounds I never heard of any other stratabound.
I put 10 because in my personal opinion it is largely up to the Start U.S. that are (very wrongly) much more expensive. One wonders why elsewhere.


I received this morning and I've played over 6 hours (I go back to elsewhere after written notice). I like the personality of micro X-1.
The violin is good. As I said above that I like least is the problem of access to acute. Right now I have six guitars so a classic 50's U.S., a malmsteen signature (guitar out of comparison), a tokai goldstar sound etc ... This lead has a special place in my arsenal and I'll keep it long. For the price, there is no photo (€ 470 with the original carrying case), this choice I would do without hesitation ...
@ +++++++ ROCK ON BABY!!