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stratguitare 06/12/2008

Fender Lead II : stratguitare's user review


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Body frne (Ash Body), smaller than a stratocaster but pais, the body is quite heavy, feels heavier than a stratocaster
Made in America
Channel 21 boxes painted, Rosewood button on mine
2 micros simple
1 volume, 1 Tone + 1 phase inverter operates only in middle position (middle) with two microphones.
No vibrato
Original vintage black case with Fender logo, a case similar to a vintage american deluxe 70 'reissue but in a slightly smaller ...


The neck is slightly narrower than that of a tele or stratum, it is enjoyable trs.
Access in acute honnte rest, no particular difficulty but if some people criticize it ...
Good ergonomics, small and compact, a bit heavy, seems to be indestructible (except the varnish cracks on the edges, but that is typical on this li MODEL and varnish polyurethane when exposed variations in temperature ...).


I bought this guitar by chance, without knowing it, especially for his cot "vintage" (since it is 1980), Fender logo Made in United States, Ash body, 2 pickups single (on my I use strats few intermediate positions and the middle pickups), and especially its low prices. First impression: "really cracked the paint, not good a. .. provided the wood under the varnish is really beautiful, the guitar is heavy and it is always perfect agreement despite its trip from Los Angeles ... it seems to be a serious guitar! "
I am the branch and total surprise: it sounds divine! Wait, I do not mean it sounds good for a guitar that sells for around 500-600, I mean that in comparing a strat US or US tele, it sounds great! I have a home American reissue 62 ', a Start Plus Deluxe 1989, a US strat std, a US tele ... and I let go the small Lead II ... She has a terrible sustain (the body frne in hardtail and it must be for something!), the microphones are vintage grain, obviously they are! We find the neck pickup with a well pais well Dfine cruncher but who knows when you attack the strings ... the bridge pickups much slamming my telecaster has found a serious competitor (!!!). Then there is the middle position with 2 microphones and split phase inverter ... Tone it down the 6-7, the phase selector down, and oh surprise ... it comes out a sound gentle fawn and powerful Les Paul (epiphone not please!) with a more defined course (which can be mitigated with the Tone and you fall in with the jazz ...!!!) warmth and sustain you expect from a great guitar!
In short this guitar is a true Russianness with extra sound, ideal for blues-rock, jazz ... it surpase EASILY any stratum or tele US rcente!
This guitar is not a Stratocaster or a telcaster, it has its own sound ... it will delight those who love the sound but want a Fender guitar sound so inimitable, warm, sharp and vintage ...


I possde last few days and I will not let go ... I really like this guitar, it has something else it ...!!! The more I look and I prefer a Start or Tele (although initially I was not a picture trs convinced aesthetics ...)
I just learned that Clapton possde a lead II in 1980 and fills it also is of the same color as mine ... fun ... (as in the photo presented)
The quality-price ratio is simply incomprehensible, I do not understand why this guitar is sold so little CHRE, and worse how to sell a guitar like 600 ...!!! I had guitars in 2000 and am not happy as this little Fender ...
Those who hesitate should no longer hesitate, really! if you find one, buy the! your ears will thank you ... Only bad point: the varnish ... know it!
I would have the urge to give it to a luthier that I transformed it into a natural finish, just a little varnish on wood, my eyes would love ... but it would lose its ct " authentic "and vintage, and the ct psychological thing is important ... it will remain so as it does cre ... I'll buy another one can be that I go do my t. .. though ...
More than ever I would do this choice, and even I do it again, I am determined to buy another ...!
If I could keep only one guitar, I would keep the lead without hesitate II so versatile, in his inimitable, I even DCID to sell some of my guitars that will naturally be little cheeks (need I say !!!)... not thundering all praise its qualities! No other quitar not given me that impression ...
Good research people who read my mind (you'll also find in this nice price adequate to hurry a bit, people all want a strato a tele because this guitar is totally unknown and was built between 1979 and 1982 only c is ultimately a good thing because otherwise it would be unaffordable prices cot ...!!!)