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vintage_collectors 12/02/2006

Fender Lead II : vintage_collectors's user review


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A monument of Vintage Guitar, made from 1970 to 1983 in the United States is an instrument of pro. Steve Morse played it, Eric Clapton has offered his own at the Hard Rock cafe that started his collection with this model. Easy to use with just one switch selection of microphones and a phase reverse switch, pus a volume knob and one tone knob. The neck is a vintage Fender Start with the old, ie very round.


The neck is particularly comfortable dream, they do not make more of like that. Access to acute is very easy with great body shape. The neck pickup single coil X1 is a marvel, placed in position makes it a little.


For me I use virtually the neck pickup and possibly the two microphones together with the phase inverter that allows me to play quite a different style, picking, jazz and hard.


A guitar that made rock history as well as the Telecaster or Stratocaster, plus a clear advantage over other, it is Plaus made today and so it's a rare model that allows guitarists who have the character of his Fender while sporting a look different from the players on TV or Start. For me the ideal model of this fabulous Lead is run, this superb electronics, the single coil neck pickup and a humbucker in the bridge position. I think this model was made but never imported into Europe. That is why this guitar with only two single coil that I will in note 9 of the opinion as global.Cette Lead is still an exceptional instrument, well above the production of Mexican Fender 2000s, at violin making.