Gibson Nighthawk Special
Gibson Nighthawk Special

Nighthawk Special, Other Shape Guitar from Gibson in the Nighthawk (1993-1999) series.

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le_marsu 03/08/2004

Gibson Nighthawk Special : le_marsu's user review


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I have a studio, made in United States since ending for five years (damn, five!)
This is a 22 frets, two humbuckers and split, volume and tonality. It comes with the famous Gibson tui the indoor velvet fuchsia, good amricaine got the what (but I love it) ...
The handle has a classic Gibson, can be a little less heavy than a Les Paul.


The handle is comfortable trs, although totally inadequate to Go Steve Sunday.
CHAC in acute is correct, what is a Gibson ...
Its small footprint and lgret are assets idniables, I could not play standing up more than half an hour with a Les Paul (what a wimp!), Is the happiness ...


The great strength of this scraper is its versatility (especially thanks to micro and split). I agree with the advice Previous, it does not sound like a Start or a Les Paul, but we want to be a little funky rhythm in his clear, or a greasy blues, or beat a little trash, there is always a rglage will ring. She has quite a personality and original brand, and in any case sounds good. I still have not found any use of micro acute simple (not shrill sound trs enjoyable), I'm probably not enough country ...


So like I said, five years we're together, I like its look, its lgret its versatility (it's now my only electric scraper) and sr good sound overall. I play in enough styles Varis (varitoche of the metal) and I always find one that suits me rglage. I tried astronomical amounts of guitar before buying it, I was particularly hsit with Lag Roxanne, but when Ms. Gibson throwing more :-) . I'd pay a little less than the 6000F era, I think I would do without this choice hsiter ...