Gibson Nighthawk Special
Gibson Nighthawk Special

Nighthawk Special, Other Shape Guitar from Gibson in the Nighthawk (1993-1999) series.

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Teoteo 12/15/2006

Gibson Nighthawk Special : Teoteo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This model made in United States of 94 I bought in 95. It is Heritage Cherry color with two humbucker pickups and split double / single round / single handle Single + bridge / bridge double / single bridge (just like on the picture!), 22 frets.
As throughout the series, the strings through the body at the bridge, which is very convenient to change the strings (not only for that matter!). A knob for volume, one for the tone, dial a five microphones positions. The handle is rounded but not too thick, can be a little too narrow at the nut.


The handle is nice but it may stick a bit after a while with perspiration, this is due to varnish Gibson (sensitive to sweat!). Access to acute is good, comparable to a Les Paul, but more difficult than Ibanez guitars as, for example. The weight of this guitar, coupled with refined size of the box and cutting back are still fun to play it for long periods. The only downside is the buckle side strap handle that is not a great location, beware of setbacks surprise!
I put 9 because of the varnish and the tie strap, otherwise the rest is all good.


When the branch then there ... especially on a tube amp.
Personally, I have a little Peavey Classic 20 and I get big bluesy sound. In rehearsal it was a friend who plays it on a Fender Hot Rod, the sound is warm but still quite clear, the humbucker tone is warm resembles a lot of Les Paul, the microphone double easel is more aggressive and tends to saturate the amp clean channel. Intermediate positions are combinations of single coils and can do good rhythm (reggae, funk ...). Regarding the sustain, I would say "almost" we choose when to stop, the set neck and strings through the body are to many.


It is a rather versatile guitar but has a personality, it's not a Les Paul or a Strato and I would say the better. It's been 11 years that I have and I do not regret having the scratch buddies who have tried all have a positive opinion on it (and look). I have not paid much at the time (<5000F), less than a Les Paul studio that I was considering, making it an excellent price / quality ratio Gibson because the quality (wood finish) y is. Gibson stopped production of this model in 98, we must look in the second hand market to find one for a price that remains, for now, very reasonable.