sylgra 08/01/2005

Godin xtSA : sylgra's user review


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Dja said


The handle is comfortable to play, I shall have finished with a varnish prfr (softer) on the back of the neck.
Access to acute, very easy (0n can play on the 22 th cargo very easily).
The shape of the guitar is very good, the weight, it is a bit heavy but c is normal, one must make compromises to get the Gibson Les Paul for qualitmeme problem, but the quality is), with good belt, the problem is solved.
For sound, c is extraordinary, we did everything that we want, we go from jazz, rock, blues, acoustic and MIDI (piano, trumpet sax.etc). You can even play guitar at the same time sax or other instrument (it takes a guitar synthesizer). Me, I have a Roland GR20 makes me sound fabuleux.Je can play the acoustic guitar at the same time that a guitar classique.Cette guitar (MIDI) with a synthesizer can make a can about it.
9 A very small because of the back of the neck finish that n is not to my taste (personal reasons).


For those who want to do the recording studio, c is a consultant absulement.Pour play in a band, c is merveilleux.Pour all kinds of music.
I am the branch of his columns (for MIDI sounds) Peavey Impulse 1012P 500 watts, it sounds perfectly bien.Pur the guitar sound, I plugged into a Traynor ycv40 (40 watts).
Many possibilities of sound, the sound singlecoil Humbucker, etc..
I can not say more, c is a large 10


I possess for about two months, I would do the same choice.
I havent try other models, where j essayje I'm falling in love with.
Report qualitprix: unbeatable, beautiful finish, quality components, extraordinary, etc..
If c is silent again, I do it again the same choice and no hsitation for the purchase of this product.