LTD F-200
LTD F-200

F-200, Other Shape Guitar from LTD in the Standard F series.

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metal 05/11/2006

LTD F-200 : metal's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea.
Bolt 24 frets.
2 passive humbucker pickups EMG-H1, Systm in EMG Afterburner.
A micro switch three positions (bridge only, two, round only), 1 volume knob, a knob of rglage for AfterBurner to enable / disable by pulling.
Licensed floyd rose bridge (not original floyd rose)

AfterBurner the system is not installed on the F-Series factories today. It's a shame there are no other models (ESP or not) providing the original AB.


Channel end trs, trs fast, enjoyable for rhythm as the solos.
Getting started is fast, you get used to rev quickly.
The gear is not too heavy and the balance just excellent.

The sound is good, the use of AfterBurner to find sounds DIFFERENT, eg. by making a crunchy sound or light standard with a gain saturated sound (be careful not to abuse so far).

The inlays are most original.


I use it to play metal, it is perfect. The floyd allows among other couraging effects classic lily metal / rock power. It is suitable also for other style of music, the sound as natural plutt. I know someone who uses it to funk, trs is good too.

The sustain is quite good, knowing that it's a Bolt.

I use it on my PowerBall, then again, its metal. I do not srieusement essay on other amps.


I use it for over 3 years. The report is excellent qualitprix (ESP requires). I love the sound, ergonomics and must say that his look is trs affirm and original (flat, not everybody, Obviously).

I always keep some, taking a gibson or 2 ct, but the F-Series will my cts for a long time.

Choice again without hsiter.