Parker Guitars Fly Classic
Parker Guitars Fly Classic

Fly Classic, Other Shape Guitar from Parker Guitars.

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songboy 12/11/2008

Parker Guitars Fly Classic : songboy's user review


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This is a American made guitarn with 24 stainless steel frets, 2 Dimarzio humbucking pickups (3 way selector), a Fishman piezo pickup (Acoustic sounds) and a custom cast aluminum vibrato bridge, Stainless steel saddles. Of course you also have a volume knob for both Electric and Acoustic configs and tone knobs for both as well. This hs a beautiful neck thru body setup, very slick and set up to play fast.


The neck has a great! feel. I always let other people play this guitar and that is usually one of the first things they mention, that and how light it is. Access to the higher range notes is as easy as it can be from my experience. It was definitely ergonomically designed. The whole thing weighs about 5 lbs. and they even made the back concave so its forms around your belly (really nice for the ones with a few extra pounds in that region, haha). You can very easily get a great sound out of this thing. Even though its really light, it packs a full heavy sound great for Rock, heavy Rock, fusion and even straight jazz. You can also blend the electric/acoustic pickups for some interesting, full tones.


It is very versatile like myself so it suits me well. I use it with a slew of high end effects and run it into my Fender Twin (reissue). I love it! The guitar has a wide range of sound, super clean, gritty, smooth. I have to say that my favorite sounds are the super clean and the really gritty tones I get. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it for Jazz as I prefer a hollowbody any day, but if you are in a pinch, it will certainly suffice. Sometimes I like to just run it directly into my Twin and crank the volume. It sounds so gritty, I love it.


I have had this guitar for 5 years and I have loved it always. The best thing about it for me is its ability to have a huge sound but only weigh 5 lbs. This is great after a 2-3 hour set and your neck isn't killing you. What I didn't like about the guitar was the whammy bar bridge. Its just not my style really, as well as it was fairly hard to keep it in tune when the bridge wasn't fixed. I tried strats and les pauls mainly, this thing sounded as good if not better, but it only weighs a fraction of the others. These things don't come cheap. Its a great guitar for the price none the less, but I don't recommend it too beginners (only because of the price). I would buy one again in a heart beat.