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Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • EVH Wolfgang USA Custom

    EVH Wolfgang USA Custom - "A Les Paul for EVH"


    EVH guitars is a company Fender started in collaboration with Eddie Van Halen. A few years ago Fender hooked up with EVH to make a line of replica Frankenstrats for EVH to play live. These guitars went over so well they decided to start up a company …

  • PRS SE Orianthi - Red Sparkle

    PRS SE Orianthi - Red Sparkle - "Orianthi PRS"


    Orianthi is a popular Australian guitar player. She was inspired to play PRS guitars after seeing Carlos Santana. This is her signature guitar from PRS. Like many PRS signature guitars this is an SE model. They like to make their signature guitars SE…

  • Ibanez XF350

    Ibanez XF350 - "A more comfortable Xiphos"


    When the Xiphos came out a few years ago I think it was Ibanez's first modern foray into the world of super crazy shaped guitars. Now they have a new model called the Falchion. It is named after a sword. It has a similar shape to the Xiphos but has m…

  • Charvel Desolation DC-1 ST

    Charvel Desolation DC-1 ST - "Another new Charvel model"


    Very recently Charvel has started putting out a new line of models called the Desolation line of guitars. It seems since Fender has purchased Charvel they want to make it more of a competitor to ESP and Schecter in addition to making their old school…

  • PRS Custom 24

    PRS Custom 24 - "The new PRS Custom 24 in a classic PRS finish"


    The PRS Custom 24 is the flagship of the regular PRS line. This is pretty much a custom guitar you can go out and buy in most guitar shops. PRS is a smart company in that they do not sit on a successful model without ever trying to improve it they co…

  • Schecter Synyster Custom [2007-2016]

    Schecter Synyster Custom [2007-2016] - "Trem troubles but still a solid axe"


    Made in Korea I suspect. Usualy Schecter quality, have played a lot of these and they are consistently pretty good. Comparable to LTD and upper end Ibanez. In fact I believe the Schecter stuff is made in the LTD factory too. 24 jumbo frets with 2…

  • Vantage vs600

    Vantage vs600 - "Gone missing"


    This is an interesting guitar manufacture that was not very popular in the early 80s late 70s. This company is called Vantage and a primary filter guitars out of Japan with pretty good solid building techniques. This is a pretty well-built guitar eve…

  • Hagstrom Ultra Swede

    Hagstrom Ultra Swede - "Not great"


    This is a guitar that is designed and built with the guitarist in mind who doesn't want to pay the more expensive prices to get a Gibson Les Paul. They are target market is someone who wants a nice dense thick robust tone instrument and doesn't want …

  • Ibanez ART700EQM

    Ibanez ART700EQM - "Ibanez getting it right"


    The Ibanez Artcore line has been around for a long time but it has never really taken off. Ibanez being known for their superstrats doesnt really push their single cut guitars which is sad because they are doing some good stuff with their recent mode…

  • Gibson L6S

    Gibson L6S - "Modern take on a 70s Gibson with simplified switching"


    The Gibson L6S is a fringe classic from the 70s. It was designed by Bill Lawrence back when he was doing his best work with no budget. It is supposed to be an everyday version of the old Gibson L5s jazzbox. It was endorsed by many of the big players …