Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top)
Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top)

GS Mini (Mahogany Top), Other Steel String Guitar from Taylor in the GS Mini series.

jabalito 07/17/2013

Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top) : jabalito's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Mexico, not very far from the frontier and thus in M ​​TAYLOR, manufacturing qualitee really good, solid mahogany for the table and rolled to the sides and back (slightly curved)
Miccro es-go option and very easy to assemble.


Bizzarement you would not think a guitar 3/4, and have tried a little and baby martin taylor gs mini is in my opinion more, and in any case more large (between 3/4 and normal. ..)
Channel taylor, nice, fine, comfortable


"Mini" impressive guitar: the sound is powerful, mahogany version gives a sound with good bass and sound very nice, you can easily play any type of folk, rock and others strumming or finger.


Use daily for a month, nothing to do with a travel guitar, if n is the size a little reduite.un excellent / prix.c report is the missing link between a normal guitar and a guitar over a voyage.de great cover reinforced well padded with handle, front pocket and sangle.pratique, good sound, portable, but fun.