Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top)
Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top)

GS Mini (Mahogany Top), Other Steel String Guitar from Taylor in the GS Mini series.

surcity 08/01/2013

Taylor GS Mini (Mahogany Top) : surcity's user review

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Made in Mexico


Extremely pleasant with a nice handle grip, the wood quality. Pulling the strings origins is perfect. Ideal for those who do not have much in the habit of folks, this guitar does not hurt your fingers.
The size is very convenient, not only for transportation, but for playing comfort


This is a beautifully balanced guitar, and I weigh my words, thanks to the mahogany probably. It does not have that crystal clear sound input or midrange new guitars.
Incredible sustain, you gently down the agreement and you hear the sound length with a beautiful rendering.
This guitar sounds great in picking and arpeggio, but also beautifully strumming. This is astonishing. The sound is well designed, but it has the guitar takes a little time to open too. But even new, it is impressive, especially considering the size.


Few weeks.
I have a lag that I had to pay 300 euros.
Nothing to see, Taylor buries very, very far.
Honestly, this model (mahogany / mahogany) really worth the price. I speak of this model, I have not tried the other GS Mini. Personally it would not hinder me to put a little more for this guitar. I think this is a very good compromise for those who do not want to put in a Euro 1300 martin example.
Pros: quality, wood, sound, size, grip. This is a guitar that just can not stand, and that is when we have 30 seconds free.
It is not at all a guitar "gadget" as the size might suggest.