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Olimpicoleretour 05/11/2005

Behringer Ultratwin GX212 : Olimpicoleretour's user review


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Tube amp w 2 60 *

Possible connections:
Midi In
Slave IN
Line out
In the

Two channels:
- Overdrive (with the possibility of boosting the MIDDLE with the Mid-Boost) with OVERDRIVE, morphing, PRESENCE, VOLUME, BASS, MIDDLE and TREBLE.

Eighty nineteen effects
- Chorus
- Reverberation
- Wah
- Flanger
- Pitch-shifter
- Delay
- ...
Not bad choices, trs full range of effects. In fact, there is only thirty rested effects, but they are flexible, for example, has more depth, speed than the other. Note that these parameters can be changed by the user itself. Something boring: by spending on clean distortion, you lose automatically rglages prcis made at the outcome level. For example, if you put a lot of depth your chorus, you will lose this rglage if you switch to distortion and then switch back to clean. If not, which is great is that you can choose an effect per channel. But in this case, there will be a delay between the clean from the disto ...


For effects, it is true it's pretty boring. Otherwise, we quickly found a suitable one. The setup is simple enough even when.
The manual is quite technical but prcis, so ... we can easily do without any of the same.


- I love Nirvana, and the clean sound is perfect. on the other hand, for the distortion, it EHJV a bit. It is quite bland. If you do not have at least one double-micro ... vmt vmt vmt will trs trs cold.
- I play with two dual-microphones, so I have a lot of sound. I love the chorus, which I use quite often, if only for the end of the song, to color the sound, or a solo.
But ... if your a fan of big sound, it is not lost ... I have a ds-1, and thus rglant (10 in BASS, 2 and 8 MID TREBLE), I get a great sound. So if you have pedals, or if you use mostly clean your amp, the amp is excellent. So not all need the EXIT mtalleux ... just have to have something ... ct Ibanez distortion pedals like a Bossus rating or not so expensive and gives very easy big sound on the clean channel.


I have for over a year. I dj jou ETS to music, and all groups were connected to it because he was spitting it!
It is clear that playing home, his stepfather may fade, but I assure you that live ... Brrr, it is scary ... Ms. disto me this when I had not my ds-1, despite its lack of some EHJV ds my room volume 2-3.