Fender Mustang II
Fender Mustang II

Mustang II, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

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Chrolley 12/05/2010

Fender Mustang II : Chrolley's user review

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mpli transistor
Connectivity simple and effective (auxiliary input jack and mini jack, footswitch, stereo mini jack output mini usb)
I = 20w Mustang, Mustang II = 40w
Settings and effects and very many settings via the computer interface Unlimited


The config on the amp is simple but requires a small hand in Pisa because some knobs are very sensitive to change from one effect to other.
The pen is very lightweight. A more comprehensive PDF in French is downloadable on the site Fender.com
Sound origins are varied and very colorful. Fuse, setting software and exchange of sounds is intuitive and offers an infinite other sounds.


Modeling amps and effects pedals virtual offers a very wide range of sounds. almost impossible not to find the ones you love! From fat, fine, vintage, the floydienne, etc. ....
Used with a Start (U.S.). Nothing to say, it's clean. I regret to have bought a few semaiens a Line 6 pocket pad that, for the price of this amp is a billion times below ...


I use it for 1 week. I had an old Peavy Bandit solo. Inevitably, things change ...
The +: config computer that allows infinte choices.
The -: The knobs selection effects not easy to stall quickly.
Value pix nickel, I would recommend unconditionally. Bravo Fender.
€ 105 in Thomman fratuitement delivered in 72 hours ...