Line 6 Spider II 30
Line 6 Spider II 30
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robert flynn 01/01/2005

Line 6 Spider II 30 : robert flynn's user review


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30w-amp transistors
Celestion 12-hp (he cash out the bass)
-Headphone jack.
-4 Modlisation amp: clean crunch, metal, insane.
-6 Fx effects reverb, phaser, trmolo, cho pat dual channel indpendant .... ....


Trs-easy to use you can get a broad sound palette trs not even 2 minutes.
We can save about 4 rglages modliss 4 amps (very practical).
-And it is beautiful and more


Here his point faible.D first as all the little transistor amplifiers of the knob is pushed the sound begins to be dgueulasse. It uses quon plutt amp in his room.
Against it by-catches on modlisations that are terrible especially the crunch is really beautiful and insane to make good guts.
-For the effects I find them super super j 'used especially rverb.
-Fan Museum and mtal it meets all my DSIR.
-The only negative I capture radio trangre on my amp (no one laughs) I do not know if I'm alone or not but it really breaks c *
9-would have but I put a black dot 8.
I just arange my problem there is a noise gate Intgr ......


I had a fender frontman 15r (90euro used) I find not suited my style and not terrible at all, a 65W Laney Hardcore (310 euro) with an overdrive but the rotten remains silent perfect.
But this is the best rapport/qualit215euro line6) that can be found.
I would do the same choice in the meantime to have to buy me an amp in any lamp that is something else. Thank you line6