Roland Cube-30
Roland Cube-30
ace111 07/23/2013

Roland Cube-30 : ace111's user review

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Solid state 30 watt with input, footswitch, headphone and output jack.


Suits my personal needs just fine. The manual is English and good to go.


I use this amp with Flying Vs--Ibanez VBT 700, Schenker, and a couple of Gibsons. I play thrash, melodic death, speed and technical styled metal. The tone of this amp is pretty close to the larger amps I play live. I purchased the Cube 30 for its size and tone. I put a pedal board in front of the Cube 30 to duplicate my stage tone. It does this very well.


Precision and sound quality are on point. Works well for technical playing. I don't use any of the various models or effects. I prefer my own floor effects to get as close to the amps I use when playing large gigs. Currently gig with Krank, Marshall or JSX heads through Marshall 4x12 slants. The Cube 30 supplements my tone when practicing quietly at home. Occasionally use the rectifier model but I mostly leave it set to metal. The amp is great for intense practice of technique i.e., sweeps, lead work, harmonics, tapping and power chords. Amp has a beefy enough sound, works well with my floor effects, and maintains killer tone at low volumes without excessive power draw experienced with larger amp heads at home. Would buy again based on simplicity and tone. I tried smaller Marshalls, Voxes etc. but the tone wasn't consistant. The Cube is the closest to my personal tone without the need for constant dialing in.