Roland Cube-30
Roland Cube-30
badgerific 04/14/2011

Roland Cube-30 : badgerific's user review

« Good practice amp. Need something bigger for gigs. »

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This is a digital modeling amp from Roland, it has the following features:

- Two channels with shared three band EQ

- Independent Volume and Gain controls for each channel

- Eight COSM amp models on the lead channel: Acoustic, Black Panel, Brit Combo, Tweed, Classic Stack, Metal Stack R-fier Stack and Dyna-Amp

- Six built in effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phasor, Tremolo, Delay and Reverb

- Headphones/line out jack

- Footswitch jack to control channel changing or effects bypass

- Built in tuner

- Power squeeze button


Despite having lots of features I find this amp really easy and intuitive to use. The clean channel is very simple to use as it's only got a volume control. The lead channel you just set the selector dial to the model you want then adjust gain to taste and volume to the level you need. The effects are simple to use as it's just one knob to control one parameter for each, this does limit the effects greatly.

The tuner can be quite awkward to use as you have to turn the selector dial to choose which string you want to tune but other than that it's okay.


I think this amp sounds pretty good. I have used lots of the different models regularly but my favorites are the Acoustic simulator, Tweed and R-fier models. While they don't sound like a perfect copy of the original amps they still have a great useable tone.

The three band EQ allows lots of tone shaping capabilities so you can tailor your sound to how you need it, it's not quite as versatile as it's bigger brother the cube 60 but it's definitely enough.

I personally don't like the effects on this amp other than the reverb and only being able to modify one parameter makes it pretty poor in my opinion.

The power squeeze button on this model of the cube is really useful to get increased sustain at low volumes.


Overall this amp is pretty great, it's loud enough for home use and band practice but you'd need something a bit louder if you intend gigging.

The different models on this amp mean that it's good for a player who plays lots of different genres and styles or if your not sure of the sound you're looking for.

My least favorite thing about this amp is the effects as I find the use of them really limited due to being controlled with just one knob.