Roland Cube-30
Roland Cube-30
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Catharsis 05/13/2005

Roland Cube-30 : Catharsis's user review


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See below ...


Setup could not be more simple.

However we must look before we really find the sound you want (attention to the grave).

Manuel succinct and clear, and given the simplicity of the beast not essential.


Like I said you really have to dwell on the knobs to find "the" sound.

In the clear (or distortion "Acoustic") is clear, ideal for jazz, blues, funk and other (this is my little fun on the harmonic minor scale solos and a Spanish ... happy with the reverb).

For saturations I built a little more reticent. It starts easily in the rough full of serious or too aggressive in the treble but again all is well determined.
Special mention for the simulation of a Fender amp that comes very close to his stratos / Telecaster.
The Brit combo is also very interesting if you like vintage sounds.

Regarding effects on the tappe very good.
Chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, and especially, it's almost the level of independent effects pedals.
Against the delay is disappointing.
But the top is the reverb. A depth worthy of a cathedral. Really impressive for the integrated. Be careful though not to push too serious (especially acoustic) because the animal quickly saturates but we get dosed just a bass sound.


Purchased in February € 250 new.

The advantage of the Cube-30 is its power / size / quality / price. A little corny sweet or nervous as appropriate, easy to carry and packed with effects quite successful overall.

Well obviously it's not an amp stage, but perfect for home or work and even in rehearsal. "