Roland Cube-30
Roland Cube-30
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Eches59 04/13/2005

Roland Cube-30 : Eches59's user review


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Guitar amp 30 watts, 10 inches.
Next to him, Marshall seemed really bland, cold! Well, obviously the price of the "cube" was also more spicy than the marshall (I paid 311 euros) but worth it. The main strength of this amp is certainly the number of effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo + Reverb and Dealy. There is also a nice number of sounds: Clean, Acoustic, Black Panel (immitation of the type of fenders), Brit Combo (the sound that revolutionized rock from the 60/70 's), Tweed (sound of blues), Classic (its classic metal), metal and R-Fier (ultimate grunge sound my brothers). All these sounds and effects sound good. Of course, you can also adjust the bass, treble and middle. There is also a headphone input and auxiliary input that makes it possible to connect your walkman or your string to accompany the song you want. However, the sound is in mono and some sounds do not go if your player or your stereo is set to stereo.


The configuration is what is most basic, I still have a little chopper galleys for the sound I wanted at first but it must be because it was my first amp. However, I have not used the manual (in English) to get out ...


The cube should certainly all styles, at least it is very good for mine (since I am rather in the independent movement to PJ Harvey, Nirvana's grunge to the fusion genre and Red Hot). I play with a strat warriors, so that the amp cost me double the scratches ... I like to switch between two sounds. For example I start to play clean and then I put myself in his greasy grunge I configure with the gain (which is set in the same way that the volume of course). I really like the black panel, the chorus and reverb, and R-Fier.


I have since December 2004, I like its versatility, many sound and impressive (not fat) but I do not see any negatives except that the side "everything is ready-recorded" bothers me a little ... It is still a bit expensive (311 euros). I did not complain and I do not know if I exchange it, except perhaps against a marshall with a lot of pedals?