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Roland Cube-30
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undead 03/10/2005

Roland Cube-30 : undead's user review


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- Roland Cube 30 amp ----> modlisation (effects) 30w power (but spits more ...)
- From guitar, two footswitch, one for the channel and the other for the effects between auxiliary ... (I thought a possibility of playing two guitars I have never tried it ..) and a Selection of distortion knob .. (7 I think)
- 3 equalizer (classic, very effective.), Two channel (clear and distortion), a knob for the reverb and delay and one for chorus / flanger / phaser / tremolo ....

I hope not to be forgotten ....


Simple .... works like a conventional amp ....
However, the settings (acute and severe mid) are sensitive enough, do not hesitate to seek the sound that we should ......
not need to read the manual (I think it is quite simple) anyway just a demonstration store and you'll get the gist ...


- I'd be a whole style of music ...
- I play with an Epiphone ES335 (so its very blues) - and a vox wah-wah
- Very nice clear sound for blues, jazz rock show
- At the level of distortion is obtained from any (small distortion "sound" has a fairly heavy metal)

As I have already prcis the equalizer is sensitive enough so it varies quite ...

- The effects are nice, especially for START .. (tremolo and phaser above)


I've had little time even when (1 to 2 years)

honestly I would do is choice, very good amp ...
I tried a few models in the same price range, I prfr well ... it's the sound I need but there is all the same versatile ...

quality price ratio ... thank you very much Roland ..