Roland Cube-30
Roland Cube-30
MGR/Hitman 04/03/2003

Roland Cube-30 : MGR/Hitman's user review

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Local guitar shop for $370 canadian (/w tax).

Nice clean sound with JC clean, deep sounding accoustic mode, lots of great distortion modes with various different gains. Special effects sound great with tapping and soloing. Delay/reverb are always good, even if not used to much. very loud 30 watt solid state. Stable.

Not much I don;t like about this amp!
Abit heavy for us feeble type :D, special effects are useless when playing chords.

Very solid, 10/10, its made by roland nuff said.

A great amp for practicing at home and playing infront of a small group of people. Very good if you won't great sound quality, lots of features and something that won't break.
If it was stolen I would "want" to get a new one, but I would probably be too tight on cash to afford a new one.

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