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Skjold 08/13/2012

Roland Cube-60 : Skjold's user review

« Great beginners amp »

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As always, Roland delivers a great product, which does its job according to the description of the product. In this case, you get a great amp with a 12" (inch) speaker thrown into a combo amp, capable of modeling different styles of amplifiers.
The amp features two different circuits: a clean and a drive channel, that shares a four band equalizer. You do, however, get independent gain and volume controls for each channel. The modeling is done by a COSM processor, like in their other pedals in general.
For your bedroom practice needs, they give you a combined headphone/line-out jack connection.
If you don't have any pedals of your own (yet), Roland gives you some of their effects along as well. Build straight into the amp itself, with bypass switch connections on the back of the amp.


The amp is extremely easy to use, even though it is packed with extra effects and other features. The clean channel is just as it is. Plug in the cord and turn op the volume - you have sound! When it comes to the lead channel, you choose what type of amp you want to use (model), adjust the gain and volume and your up and running here as well.
The effects only has one dial to use, which reduces the use of them slightly, but the sound of them, if used properly are actually good.


It's been a while since I've used this specific amp, but the tones that I remember from it, is great. Not as great as the models it tries to model, but still very useful. This combined with the four band EQ, gives you options to shape the tone as you want to.
I've always used the build in reverb of the amps I've owned, and this is no exception. Just use it subtle. Remember - everything can be overdone. This also applies to the rest of the effects available in the combo amplifier.


All in all you can't go wrong with this Roland amplifier. It's a great beginners amp and used properly, you can get some serious tones out of it. Of course it will never sound like the models modeled on the drive channels, but you get a sense of how they sound, for when you should decide to upgrade to one of those.
As a home practice amp it does a fine job as well. And besides that, you can't really break a solid state amp like this.