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MGR/Frants 08/15/2006

Roland Cube-60 : MGR/Frants's user review

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I had not been playing for a long time and found myself one day on the doorstep of a shop in Kristiansand, Norway (Dipner Musikk) looking for a new electric guitar. This was in 2004. I wanted a platform to start playing again, I like the blues, Hendrix, SRV mostly.

When I left I carried a brand new Squier Tele and a Roland Cube 60.

I paid about 3500 NOK, about 540 USD for it. Now they sell them for about 3000 NOK, but still I think I got a damn good amp for the money.

The combination of the Tele and this amp is great. It's amp is 60watts and a 12 inch speaker. I took the bigger model as I want to play loud, and so it does. The COSM modelling is just great with tons of different sounds. Also the clear channels sounds linke an old JazzChorus, meaning it is bright and has loads of power in the highs.

The over drive channel sounds warm and still kicks ass.
And off course there is size. It is small to store and big to play.

What I have not tested yet, but is going to, is to let it drive a bigger cabinet with two or four speakers. I heard that it could be a great combination.

Now I am to change the guitar, but the amp stays.

I miss these things on the Cube 60:

A switch controlled effects loop.

A switchboard with 3 switches should be included. I built my own switch board of and old derby cover from the -62 Harley I used to own. The Roland switches are 3 individual that just mess up the floor with more cables to trip on.

Effects should have a level control, some effects are not loud enough.
An onboard tuner would also be great.

When you turn the beast up really loud, the speaker makes venting noise like a horse's breathing mouth.

Cube 60 is small and tough built mostly.

I have though had one pot knop fall off and the cable storage on the rear to break. This happend when I sent it by air without a flight case.

I glued the knob with PL400 and it has stayed there since.

Apart from that it is built like a tank. No problems at all. Jap quality at its best.

I liked the amp when I bought it, and I like now. I would definately buy one again if this one fell off the plane. For a small amp it is acting like a big gun.

I would recommend getting this 60 watts version over the 30 watts as this one has a bigger sound, is more versatile and plays loud with control.

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