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ibanez4life SZ! 04/13/2011

Roland Cube-60 : ibanez4life SZ!'s user review

« A great all-in-one package delivering great tones! »

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-12 inch speaker
-numerous amp models, each with clean and drive channels
-global EQ for both channels, and volume per channel
-built in effects
-line in for playing along with tracks
-speaker out for pushing external speaker cabinets


I use this amp as my practice setup. The Roland Cube is quite easy to dial in. The EQ offers enough range to be effective over each of the amp models. Having effects built in is a great addition for a compact, all-in-one package. The line-in makes it easy to play along to your favorite songs with an MP3 player and proper hookup. When I needed something quick to take to band practice, I really appreciated the speaker out, allowing me to plug into a 4x12 cabinet.


The Cube 60 offers many tonal options across the varying amp models. As one would expect, the models of clean amps are optimized on the clean channel, and likewise for the high gain models on the drive channel. As I said before, the amp serves me as a home practice amp, and it gets me great tones at these reasonable levels. I was never quite happy with my tones running tube amps at bedroom levels (no surprise there), so this was my solution. At these low levels, the Roland Cube 60 is the perfect solution. Even if you don’t believe you need the additional wattage, I highly recommend the 60 watt model, as it has the 12 inch speaker, which really helps in achieving great tones and holding up in the low end department.


As my only amp, or gigging amp, this would not be my choice. There are much better solutions depending on your needs. As an all-in-one practice solution, this is a great amp, offering amazing tones at even the lowest output settings. I tried many other ‘small amps,’ and I simply did not enjoy the sounds, which made practice a chore.