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Luckke 06/14/2006

Roland Cube-60 : Luckke's user review


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60 W transistor amp

Many effects:

Satur: Black Panel, Brit Combo, Tweed, Classic, Metal, and R-Fire
Acoustic effect

Modulation: Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Tremolo

Delay and Reverb

Note the bright prsence of a button and a knob "presence"


The manual is clear and prcis, we quickly found something to make a good sound.

Effects can find interesting rglage possder without a mandatory effect pedals.

One button to place saturated in the clear. It's quick and instinctive.


I play an Ibanez S520 EX, before I had a little Peavey amp with 15W of the blazer 158.

Both say that the diffrence is obvious, the clear sound and a true wonder! The saturated DIFFERENT are interesting but for a record a little more straight forward, R-Fire is super great!

I connect my Boss ME50 often above and there is no problem the sound is impeccable, but I think to quickly acquire a new PDAL mtal (mtal Muff or Silver Dragon) and a blaffle supplmentaire because to repeat them, I find that the volume is not quite enough. But do not worry, it is only because we play in a small room and the drummer is a good nag I think it does more than 60W this amp!

To come back again, the sound really clear and beautiful, I trs tonn! Moreover, even with a saturated fat and high volume, the amp just blows trs (we see the leg of BOSS) the large variety of effects can enjoy fast! The equalizer performance is trs, ds that can boost the bass and midrange, the sound is much deeper and powerful. This is probably the fund closes rsonnance of the amp.

It's a real rgal!


I've had five months and I do not spend more! I love R-fire riffs to work the nags, and then adding a delay can bring out the solo.

In dpart, j'hsitais lot with a 2112 Spider and a Marshall MG 100 DFX ..

I tried the front and Marshall APRS purchase. I'm really not in my Cube 60W, the sound is much more beautiful, be it with a clear and saturated. It lacks a sound can be a little more crunch to be found easily on Marshall.

However, it is true that there is a little expensive for its competitors, it's probably the trs trs prsence of many quality effects. It's perfect if you do not have pedals!

In addition, the possibility to connect a speaker (8ohms and 60W max mini) can well boost the power of your amp.

Trs a good buy that I do it again without hsiter.