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pavlou4 05/10/2005

Roland Cube-60 : pavlou4's user review


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A transistor amplifier
the puissanse is 60 what (but gives much more!) you will understand if you are aissay little "jewels" and competes largely a marshall Exceeds 100dfx -> t made the comparison ...

It ia a level rglage EQ (low, medium, high, prsense)
4 effect on the same button (chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo of a good quality trs)
pui another button a reverb and delay. It has 6 effects.
there are 9 modlisation amp (vox, marshall, peavey fender, bouggie mes ...) and a clean channel and an acoustic guitar simulation of Russian goods!

just plug in connector on a 3 foodswitch the Ariri -> change the channel for a clean / lead
-> A Provides power to the delay / reverb
-> And turn on or turn off the effect 4next

We also just plug a tuner into the tuner, a Bafle, a headset (or connecting the unit to the PC), a line out.


The configuration is very simple just turn the knobs

ds that has been compressed APRS its going to rev faster we can have fun putting an end by this effect by changing diffrent modlisation ... all for a good time This gives a clean sound super easy and the lead channel it fo a little forced on the acute for a crisp!
the manual (in English) shows a configuration for the amplifier (styl grunch, heavy ...).


I play every type of rock music from metallica possible by the vines or the red hot, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin ... Finally, everything! o thanks modlisateur amp is just like jou beauvoups diffrent music, blues, jazz, rock, heavy, soul ...
I play with a LAG RX 200 or HOHNER REVELATION RTX.
As I disai can get crystal-clear sound as well as clean surtt! as well as a fat metal sound! you just need the right amp slctionner modliser around jou!
I find this amp sound clean impcable and the distortion of the mode "r proud" modlisation bouggie of a mess! I n'aprci by pa tro against the classic mode (saturation marshall) for the jou vieu good rock but all the taste ... can be with a better guitar than mine ...


I use the Roland Cube 60 for about a month, I play in a group with no there is no problem pushing the same power at one-half dja well you cover the beat and the drummer bourinan more and more As a lead as it is dan the song
I tried the marshall 100dfx and Hugues & Ketner (DSOL I do not know how his s'crit) I found a very bland if selui of vot! store I've tested a stroke LAG RX 120.
the price is slightly up for a 60 but with the sound What's that you sent you will dessu pa!
I would do is hsitation choices!
trs was a good product you will see the essay!