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Saadik 09/14/2005

Vox AD120VT : Saadik's user review


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I think everything has been said
Good for optional connection of the pedals (I will return)
it is a business strategy rather questionable result that vox has taken a RJ45 connection right .... This prevents the use of pedals of other brands (which are themselves MIDI ...) although in some fiddling I saw that there was a way ... but I highly recommend unless you are well versed in connection ... (I am not forcing me to buy their pedals)


The configuration is pretty simple when you stay in the Edict of presets .... but can be somewhat hardue when venturing into the manual mode, given the peculiarities of 16 amps emulated (eg you must know that by adjusting the level of mid. that the we can push the gain final black2x12.). This is not problematic as long as it is based on the manual, it proves more difficult to find in french by region.
This amp can cover a broad range of sound.
The biggest failure of the config is that the e pedal control is not included ... (It costs and arm and a leg ...)


This receiver is suitable for almost all styles of music, good metal a little of hazardous and c but with a gibson mounted with active pickups surbobinés, it goes pretty good.
Emulations are generally more successful when you consider that it is a hybrid combo that tries to simulate the amps clean sounds clear, hi-gain amps with middles but overboosted amps at low cavernous.
I play with this beast of malsteem ausi well, of Buckley, as metallica ...
The effects on the other hand, without being a panacea, are sufficient in most cases but must be used with finesse.


I have this amp for a few months and I love her ployvalence, good as cited by both sides, its main drawback is the requirement to buy the pedals (the VC12, not the plastic MIDI box) for to exploit his abilities on stage.
For the price (I got it to nine 426Euro) it really provides. Well, once bought the pedals ... (About 300 Euros) it's been a little worse but it's worth. It's close enough for some points of my cyber twinII SE worth three times ... and even if the bass are not the chosen field of vox, it's not worse than on the fender ...