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kurty54 06/07/2012

Vox VT15 : kurty54's user review

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use relatively simple if you stay in the basic presets. but there are still lots of buttons and lots of gadgets ...


And there ben ... must not have any illusions ... It is digital and it stinks. I used it for 3 years and I have come to believe that my guitar was shit. I rediscovered when I went on a tube amp!

Sound levels vary a LOT of a preset to another, the sounds are not all beautiful and far away to complete it is almost impossible to get a clear sound without turning the master volume knob and rear and bottom the gain to a minimum, therefore, impossible to switch from one sound to another without stopping 5min to set all the buttons at the risk of an eardrum fart!


I advise against it, it was my second amp and a bad choice. I was seduced by the argument of the lamp inside and the ability to do lots of different sounds, and ultimately it's more a gimmick than anything else.

Young people who start or those who are attracted by the business case for Vox, do not go for it, save your money and made you happy with an amp that has character, not one that tries to emulate amps.

Otherwise if you want to disgust the guitar go for it, this amp is perfect!