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stratoscott 08/07/2012

Vox VT15 : stratoscott's user review

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No need to revisit the characteristics.


So many possibilities and instructions required, indeed it is quite clear. You still have to spend time on the settings to get what one seeks.
Sorry for the name of emulations, surely a matter of TM.


THE sound palette suits me because I spend Pink-Floyd to Metallica, from pop to heavy metal.
Fatal flaw: the difference in volume between some simulations.
Amazing realism, but of course not to compare with a true all tube (less versatile)


I use it for 6 months, and my home club.
I transplanted in the sound or "free" but the sounds change (so be careful with the way in equalizing the sound system)
Versatility is a plus in my case.
Too bad the HP is so small and it lacks an external speaker output.
I wait a bit to pay me the VT40 +