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DDR_77 11/07/2012

Vox VT15 : DDR_77's user review

«  What will I do without him? »

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Type: Electric Guitar
Body Combo
Power: 15 Watts
Preamp: Transistor
Power Amp: Lamp and transistors
Number of Speakers: 1
Hp Size: 8 inches
Number of entries: 1
Channels: 2
Equalizer: 3 bands
Amp modeling: 11
Digital Effects: 11
Reverb: yes
Effects loop: yes
Headphone output: yes


With all the choices of possible models, the first steps were a bit laborious and, once you get used to it, there are a few sounds that go.

The footswitch is against required when we need different settings within the same song.


Advantages of modeling, there is the sound you want! Very clean ultra saturated, without having to invest in a large package of effects pedals. I played with a Cort X1 (two double coils) and it does it well. I still had a little trouble getting clean sounds (it quickly saturated). I also tried with Applause AE126 (electro-acoustic): The amp is not intended to, but it fits.


I now have around two years. I use it everyday at home, mostly with headphones, but it has a setting for the output of the HP avoiding (too) get angry with your neighbors. Especially behind its 15 W announced it sends strong! Tried beef drummers with friends, I could not put it fully!

Memory banks are essential to avoid spending time to adjust, but 8 is just a little

Anyway, very happy with my little amp. The value (about 150 €) is quite correct and I will take it as amp "home." Remains whether it is also made for the stage.