Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

V-Ampire LX1200H, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Behringer in the V-Ampire series.

IceSpoon 10/09/2007

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H : IceSpoon's user review


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All adj t prcedemment said on the subject.


I am a bit surprised by the other opinions on rglages. Indeed the number of possibilities offered by the head is quite phnomnal and each time it took to change sth, it was necessary that I included in the manual that n is not a clear claret Berhinger like any self-respecting. I have faced is the weird stuff (particulirement with reverb button) or when an old effect that trane (the deuxime mainly) without reaching the turn. To change type of autowah etc., I needed at least 10 minutes to find the good rglages, everything with the guitar dangling around his neck. The galre what.
I bought a sound card no longer the head and I connect via the IO noon. And change of decor! The free downloadable via the site is Berhinger (VAMP2) and has become happiness. ACCS was all clear SETTING THE fawn (both the midi channel that the modes scne or live) and more worries for my rgler effects. In addition a pannel of effect is available on their site and in there a lot of good stuff.

In conclusion, I will put a small 7 config mode for stand alone but a big fat 10 VAMP2 with this on my PC.


As said prcdemment, the number of such SETTING THE head is quite large. I could find rglages mtal as well as blues or clean.
Something important for those like me who play mostly with headphones: there is not a fart breath! It is super comfortable.
Not much to add except that various comments I've connected a Pianet-T and the tremolo or chorus effect I have given her a nickel.
As a general rule I use it with an ibanez SA series and a 6 string fretless with my production. No problem so far.


I use it for a little over a year at home to work or repeating.
The report price is really excellent quality and I do it again this choice without a doubt. Obviously It did not see anything with high-end hardware but for a base config, I've never been ashamed of repeating and APRS qq cuts reverb I had no worries for me heard.

Edit 09/10/07
Well I come back the assault APRS qq modif in my config. Previously, playing on an Ibanez SA 260FM, I could not really give a conclusive opinion concerning tural quality of the head and sound coming out. I just (finally) to find me a parker fly deluxe hand and APRS two hours of play on the head and ben ... has sounds great (in fact the pure joy). So I do not change my bill. To give water to the mill, let's say that the room is basically to repeat 20m square battery is just a hair tuft and I'm not even half of the knob of volume. As against it is true that the factory presets are a bit moldy and should be especially reverb Allg.