Fender Mustang V Head
Fender Mustang V Head

Mustang V Head, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

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iamqman 07/07/2011

Fender Mustang V Head : iamqman's user review

« nah I'll pass »

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This is the head version of the modeling series Mustang amps that Fender is pushing lately. It has basically the same feature and tone as the combo but just in a head from. I am not really a fan the head amp because of the whole idea of amp modeling. I think they are not used for live play and should be used only for practicing at home. having a head and then having to get a cabinet is too much of a commitment.

I believe that the Mustang series is the flagship line for amp modelers that Fender is putting out. They now have several different sizes and wattage. These units are some of the best sounding modelers out on the market and definitely Fender's best efforts in this game.

I have never been a fan of amp modeling since I feel they don't sound authentic or feel at all like a real tube amp. This particular model doesn't change my mind but it does sound good for what it is.



150W (2x75W stereo)
One channel with 100 presets
All-new DSP platform
12 amp models: '57 Deluxe™, '59 Bassman®, '57 Champ®, '65 Deluxe Reverb®, '65 Princeton® Reverb, '65 Twin Reverb®, Super-Sonic™, British '60s, British '70s, British '80s, American '90s, Metal 2000
7 stomp effects: Overdrive, Fixed Wah, Touch Wah, Fuzz, Fuzz Touch Wah, Compressor, Simple Compressor
11 modulation effects: Sine Chorus, Triangle Chorus, Sine Flanger, Triangle Flanger, Vibratone, Vintage Tremolo, Sine Tremolo, Ring Modulator, Step Filter, Phaser, Pitch Shifter
9 delay effects: Mono Delay, Mono Echo Filter, Stereo Echo Filter, Multitap Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Ducking Delay, Reverse Delay, Tape Delay, Stereo Tape Delay
10 Reverb Effects: Small Hall, Large Hall, Small Room, Large Room, Small Plate, Large Plate, Ambient, Arena, Fender '63 Spring Reverb, Fender '65 Spring Reverb
Stereo series FX loop
Chromatic tuner
1/8" aux input
1/8" headphone jack (doubles as a speaker-emulated line out)
USB port
Black textured carbon tweed vinyl covering with silver grille cloth
Includes 4-button footswitch
Includes Fender Fuse software for on-screen parameter control, deep editing, unlimited preset storage, online patch swapping, and easy firmware upgrades
Includes Ableton Live Lite Fender Edition and AmpliTube Fender LE Edition software


A great feature with these amps is not only the ability to have amp modelers, but also the stompbox models as well. This gives you a real feel for tossing a overdrive pedal in front of a Fender style amps.These amps sound particularly good with Fender guitars. I like hearing this amp with a Fender Stratocaster or a Charvel. I like hearing the low to medium bodied woods with these particular amps.

Another great features in running your speaker simulated output direct into a recording device or house PA system. I think the amp sounds the best when in this situation. Running the direct out into the mixer sounds best in my opinion.


This amp is super loud. Coming in at 150 watts this little combo will knock you on your butt. This is also a more expensive unit for the amp modelers. At new these units come in at around $299. sort of on the high side for these types of amps.

I would recommend this amp for someone who needs a head to go with an existing cab. I would not buy this head first. Then you would be more likely to get the matching cab which is ridiculous as well.