Line 6 Spider II HD75
Line 6 Spider II HD75

Spider II HD75, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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Line 6 Spider II HD75 : Anonymous 's user review


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I bought it, there are about 2 months and I still do not regret it!
For the price, I could not RVer better, Guitar Studio 220 euros in Lille.
The sounds are extremely bleuffant for the transisor!
The power of a standard 75 watts mono.
I use a Behringer BG412H Bafle quip in HP Jensen, a marvel (qualitprix report).
When even a small default: no output line.
As against a headphone / recording simulator HP impcable to play at home without annoying the neighbors and bedding on a sound system, if you can not afford right now to buy a Bafle.
If like me you do not have deep pockets, to give you all the light, Do not hesitate one second!
At the risk of rpter is bleuffant!
No need to have a super skyscraper for the sound!
Personally I have a Squier Standard Tlcaster and knocks plutt well! [Img]


Setup is simple, if we repre fast enough, the possibilities are sound in quality imprssionnantes (for the transistor) and numerous.
As against the manual is plutt summary and not necessarily explicit, especially for folks like me.


I'm currently playing with a group Pop / Rock and I could not get any better esprer seen my little ways. I play on a standard Squier Tlcaster plutt sounds like the Red Hot, RATM ... and the risk of prtentieux stepfather, I must say that I'm close. I use most often INSANE channel, then the CRUNCH and CLEAN for plutt reggae sounds. There is nothing I dtest on this stuff, may be from the chorus and flanger effects that I find a bit shabby without the possibility of rglages rels.


I use it for 2 months, and no complaints!
I tried a lot of stuff before I DCID, and the ratio price quality, hard to beat.
I do it again this choice without a doubt, and I advise many others.