Line 6 Spider II HD75
Line 6 Spider II HD75

Spider II HD75, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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MGR/Joe Somebody 02/23/2004

Line 6 Spider II HD75 : MGR/Joe Somebody's user review

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Bought the Head and Cab for $800 at Guitar Center. Played the combo and it was alright but I wanted the bottom end you get from a 4 12 cab and this bad boy does the trick.

Played every almost every amp in guitar center. For the price this bastard rocks.
While jamming in the store some want to be rock star was playing a Mesa rectifier.
I set the spider to sound just as good if not better than the mesa over priced monster. The power from the spider II HD is incredible as so is its tone. I have a fender scorpion, Iceman 400, a strat and my old 1985 washburn g-10. Every guitar had a different but fantastik sound through this amp. use the twang and blues settings for your single coil strat, AMAZING. The effects are great but take some geeting used to. Reverb is out of this world.
Do yourself a favor, and play one of these amps today.

I don't like the floor board costing over $200 for this great amp, so I purchased the cheapo to change channels for 80 bucks.

Built rugged and seenms pretty sturdy so far.

This amp is great for the price.
compare it to the big boys, marshall, mesa, ect... Don't waste your money on that expensive rockstar crap.
Try a spider II

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