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[NAMM] Is Black Widow Two Notes' new best friend?

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Black Widow Audio Designs MGP-1A
News Black Widow Audio Designs MGP-1A

Modelling Guitar Preamp from Black Widow Audio Designs

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Black Widow Audio Designs is a new manufacturer that will debut at the NAMM with an all-tube modeling preamp.

According to Brian Rois, founder of Black Widow, the MGP-1A — a three-channel modeling guitar preamp with an all-analog tube circuit — is the result of eight years of research. The modeling was made using the patent-pending VEnuM technology that accurately models the breakup, harmonics, gain and filtering characteristics to achieve a more realistic sound.

The MGP-1A comprises 18 preamp modelings, each with its own gain and volume controls, a three-band EQ and voicing switches. You name it, the MGP-1A probably has it: Fender Bassman, Deluxe, Marshall JTP-45, Plexi 1959 Super Lead, JCM 800 and 900, Vox AC-30, Mesa Boogie Mark IV, Dual and Triple Rectifier, Laney GH-100HL, Bogner Ecstasy Red Channel, Engl Powerball and Fireball Ultra, and Orange Graphic MKII. What’s more, each channel has EQ Shift and Alt EQ buttons to modify them at will in order to get 264 possible sounds, and that’s without having put a finger on the EQ.

Channel 1, dedicated to vintage clean sounds, features two input modes, bright and normal, that can be bridged internally, and offers three voicings: US Vintage, UK Vintage and Class A.

Channel 2, for crunch sounds, provides a more modern sound with its Cali, UK800 and Citrus voicings, as well as switchable Bright and Deep options.

Channel 3 is the Drive channel for distortion sounds. It has three modes, Recto, Hot Rod and Euro, and the same Bright and Deep switchable options as channel 2.

The MGP-1A also features a WARM LED to indicate that the four 12AX7 Tung-Sol tubes are warm, InPhase phase correction and ground lift. Two 1/4" unbalanced jack inputs are available on the front and the rear of the preamp, and a three-button footswitch is part of the deal.

The MGP-1A isn’t in production yet, but a KickStarter campaign will be launched shortly after the NAMM to raise the funding needed for production. The starting price announced by Black Widow is $2699, but during the KickStarter campaign it will be only $1999.

More details at hearblackwidow.com.

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