Xt Software energyXT 2.5
Xt Software energyXT 2.5

energyXT 2.5, Modular sequencer from Xt Software.

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Xt Software energyXT 2.5 : Anonymous 's user review


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immediate installation without any problems
easy setup
manual is clear and sufficient

Surprising at first start: it is immediate.
on the other hand, when loading an existing project, you have the usual time startup plugs, AC seems normal.
For the rest no resource concerns on a Dell HT 3GHz XP SP2.

In recent months, energyXt has definitely replaced Cubase SX2 (except when I need a video track).
I tested Live, Traktion, Reaper, Sonar, Samplitude and whatnot, and Cubase SX used very intensively for several years.

- The virtual instruments are fully encapsulated allowing greater MIDI channel management flexibility, for example in a live situation more Midi keyboards and control surfaces (especially when using instrumentals that lack of Midi channel setting internally as the Zebra, for example)
- Management of Midi devices is ultra-simple (a small midilearn pad that does it all) and especially that keeps settings when changed the project (add-change tracks, ...) as opposed to the generic périf of Cubase, very heavy to implement and unstable when changes
- Automation is simple and clear, the path curves is effective
- Editing audio and MIDI is basic but sufficient
- Overall the options are few in number, but so well chosen that it becomes an advantage
- Full amenities: installing a send effect (effect selection directly on the trail work, and the FX track is automatically created and installed in all other tracks with Amount 0) immediate appearance plugs and files in the browser without rebooting, etc ...
With a lot of experience in sequencer, my choice fell on EnergyXT probably for quite a while.
He has a big handicap: its ultra-light prices will make it a bane for those who want to impress with the size of their gear.
And minor handicaps can not delete midilearn individually, it does not display the controls already used when deploying the shaft (it should be that the controls used are checked) and that's about as reproach.
So amazing value for money as long as we love the simplicity combined with efficiency.