Xt Software energyXT 2.5
Xt Software energyXT 2.5

energyXT 2.5, Modular sequencer from Xt Software.

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Leulapin 02/10/2010

Xt Software energyXT 2.5 : Leulapin's user review


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Used on Windows only.
The installation does not worry, this is just an executable copied o one wants.
The manual is well done.

P4 laptop computers under Windows XP, Athlon X4 7EN fixed windows.
Sound card or pod XT MAUDIO sometimes.

The software is trslger and stable, excellent hte VST.

The performances are above all that it is the vst that saturate the memory but not him. The default is that I would see that VST embark on the main process causing it to swell dmesurment instead they s'excutent spars in threads on hearts prev ent with areas Memoirs ddies.

In terms of stability even when it's a very good product with which I am far less concerned with Cubase. In the limit even if the plant live, restart the program takes a few seconds and it is possible default parameter a piece which will open directly.

I use it for six months.

I once used Logic 5 on PC, then pass on cubase sx3 silent, sx4, Nuendo, with a bit of audacity in moments of dsoeuvrement:)

What I like is the functionally ct dpouill we will quickly what we want. It is also his default, the paramtrage of keyboard shortcuts is a little summary for gender pramtrer the special touch of a keyboard or an external Controller ... the default is no big timeline for changes mtrique during a song (coming in 2.6 dveloppement if I understood correctly). Cons by the interface is clear on small screens of mobile phones, ts of the machine smokes, beat up with lighting that we continue to have its representatives and do not BTIS using the skin almost black and white is fine.

That's what made me choose it over reaper which is more comprehensive and less expensive. APRS for making models reaper is without doubt better until they implmentent dynamic management of tempos in the songs is really the missing functionality in my current version, otherwise the happiness and ct compatible mac and linux can to some extent to mumuse with friends who have other platforms computer music.