Digidesign Control 24
Digidesign Control 24

Control 24, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Digidesign.

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PaulyPaul 10/17/2012

Digidesign Control 24 : PaulyPaul's user review

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The Digidesign Control 24 is an excellent choice for your hardware console if you can afford it. I have not used a better console in all of my years mixing. This unit is very big and expensive, most of us don’t have the room for even if we could afford it. I have used several Digidesign control surfaces but none of them was this big and powerful. The value of this unit for the price is correct. If you want the best you will have to pay for the best!

I have worked with this unit a few times but not so much anymore. It does give you the ability to control your whole session right from this unit. If you can find a studio still using this model then kudos to them, because this unit has been replaced by the Avid 24. The Avid 24 is way more up to date and has a better and more modern look to it but it has basically the exact same specs. The Avid 24 also cost more than the original Digidesign Control 24.

With 24 channels, all being touch sensitive and motorized. You will have enough channels to run your whole project that you are working on. The board also has visual to it as well, it will show you the channel names and settings on the LED strips. All of your Pro Tools functions can be controlled with the Control 24. It will make your workflow extremely fast. It does take some time to understand this unit and learn to use it. It is not a plug and play type of unit because you will be confused at first if you have never worked with it before. If I had the money and the space I would purchase this so fast it would make my head spin. You have to use this at least once in your lifetime!