Digidesign Control 24
Digidesign Control 24

Control 24, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Digidesign.

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moosers 08/30/2011

Digidesign Control 24 : moosers's user review


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Digidesign's Control 24 is the most complete digital 'console' workstation available to control Pro Tools. It's been around for a good amount of time and I've probably used at least ten of these throughout my time working as an audio engineer. It seems to be the default interface for those studios and rooms that don't have a console. You can control pretty much everything you see in Pro Tools with the Control 24, although I've mostly just used it for it's basic features as I don't see a need to use it for controlling plug-ins and things like that. They aren't making the Control 24 any longer, as it's been replaced by the Avid C 24, as Avid has taken over the Digidesign name. To go through all of the features and specs here would probably be a bit redundant as you can find all of that information on any number of websites. However, some basic features on the Control 24 include it's 16 built in Focusrite preamps, with 24 channels in total each having a fader, solo/mute/select buttons, and a pan knob. Basically anything that you can control inside the box with Pro Tools is featured here in some way, shape or form. I found the Control 24 pretty easy to use right off the bat, at least for it's basic features, and I don't think that most users will need to go beyond this. If you're looking to get in depth with it with controlling plug-ins and full on automation, it would be a good idea to have the manual around as a reference. The price of the Digidesign Control 24 is sure to be cheaper than the Avid 24, but of course you'll need to find one used. This shouldn't be a problem as there were a ton of these sold. It's a great tool to have in your studio for hands on control, but of course still doesn't come close to replacing a real console.