Digidesign Mp3 Export Option
Digidesign Mp3 Export Option

Mp3 Export Option, MP3 Encoder from Digidesign.

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moosers 02/12/2009

Digidesign Mp3 Export Option : moosers's user review


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I've had the Digidesign Mp3 export option for about two years. I got it with the music production bundle, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it simply because you can make mp3s in iTunes and a number of other freeware programs. This being said, this is easy to use and will do the job. It is also nice to be able to bounce straight to mp3 from Pro Tools. It is also quite convenient to be able to set the ID tags right while you are making an mp3. What I don't understand is why Digidesign decided to make this an add on to Pro Tools rather than just putting it in the program. They charge $20 USD for something most computers can do with software they already have. While this isn't much to pay, it is a small amount of convenience you get using this. Another complaint about this is that rather than just making it an mp3 export, it would be nice to be able to export any type of audio file I want. I think that would make this software more useful and more worth paying for. This software is unique to Pro Tools and most other sequencers will have an mp3 export built into the program, so I can't think of anything to compare this to. The price isn't anything to quiver about as it is quite cheap, but if I am going to buy something I feel I should be getting more than this. I seems to me as if they are trying to make a quick extra buck on people by not including this in the Pro Tools software. This being said, the program does do what it claims and it does it well, I just have other free options that I make mp3s in and do not think that I would have bought this had it not come in a bundle.