SonicPulverizer 10/07/2012

Strymon Flint : SonicPulverizer's user review

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The Strymon Flint was inspired by the traditional pairing of onboard reverb and tremolo effects in early tube amps. The Flint features two sides for each effect, each with three modes to toggle between. For tremolo, you have the '61 harmonic setting, the '63 tube setting, and the '65 photocell setting. For the reverb side you have sounds from the following modes: 60's (spring), 70's (plate), and 80's (hall). Each effect has separate controls and can be activated individually of one another. Holding both bypass switches, toggles secondary functionality of the controls which include boost/cut controls for each side of the effects, tap subdivision, and effects order.


The Input/Output section of the Strymon is rather versatile. An EXP input can accomodate an expression pedal, tap tempo, or one of strymon's favorite pedals--which recalls a previous arrangement. A selectable TRS stereo input allows use with stereo applications. The power is standard 9v. The unit's build quality is exceptional and rugged.


The Flint's sound is second to none. The tremolo sounds are very useable with the speed knob going to a lower threshold than other tremolo effects. Very mellow and pleasant. The harmonic trem was my favorite of the three for its unique flavor. I found the reverb to be no slouch, performing just as splendidly as Strymon's dedicated blue sky reverberator. The ability to configure an expression pedal with any specific control can lead to very interesting results.Having used the pedal through a variety of amps, I was pleased with the flints sound both in front of amps for a more mangled sound and in a given amp's loop as well.


The Strymon flint is another excellent, studio-quality offering from the brand. I have never been a fan of Tremolo effects, but the flint's capacity for subtlety charmed me, as well as it's over the top sound quality. The effect is competitively priced against other boutique tremolos alone, let alone for a two-in-one arrangement such as this. Awesome product.