PSP Audioware VintageWarmer 2
PSP Audioware VintageWarmer 2

VintageWarmer 2, Software multiband compressor from PSP Audioware.

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sonicsnap 06/11/2013

PSP Audioware VintageWarmer 2 : sonicsnap's user review

«  One of my favorite plugs »

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No special installation problem.
The handling is simple enough, but remember that the Vintage Warmer is not a simple compressor: It is not transparent at all and it saturates. And that's why we love it.
Everything revolves around the big knob "Drive" which increases the input to saturation and "Ceiling" which sets the output level that does not want to exceed. The settings of attack and release are via "Speed" and "Release" (the latter can be automated). The "knee" in deciding whether the compression is done smoothly or abruptly. Can equalize the high and low frequencies, which is always handy. The "Mix" for the determination of the signals treated and untreated which is moderately useful on this kind of effect. We finally have an output level which can be useful on occasion.
Do not forget that this plug-in can be used in single mode or multi-band (three in this case.) In the latter case, the knobs "Freq" define the frequency and you must click on the "PSP logo Vintage Warmer "to find the back of the level settings and release per band. Also on the back different settings for the meters.
This device is really not difficult to adjust and, if necessary, it is helped by a thirty "factory-preset" and a manual in English, but detailed and practical.


I use this effect on Mac Pro (MacOS 10.6.8) in Digital Performer. I never found any malfunction. It consumes little CPU, especially if the function is switched over-sampling ("FAT" button, new in version 2), but not excessive on a modern computer. I frequently open many instances without problem.


I use PSP Vintage Warmer for a really long time. I was already working with the first name when I was under MacOS 9. I do not think I noticed a significant difference though between the two versions.
Still, this is a plug-in that I use most regularly .. Vintage Warmer has a sound, and I love that sound. In fact, I use it almost always on my tracks of synths on my samples and occasionally on other instruments (bass, drums, guitars and unsaturated voice.) In fact, most of the time, I just keep the default settings and push a little drive, say from 2 to 6dBs as appropriate. And his name does not lie, it really adds to the heat and consistency of sound, a very natural way.
For cons, I do've never used pre-mastering. I never felt the need to warm up my mix, and if at this point I need a little compression, I've always preferred him another "dinosaur": R-Compressor from Waves I love too much sound.
In short, I can not talk too much about the "multi-band" mode I never use. Still Vintage Warmer is an indispensable tool for me has never really had a competitor to do what he did. There is of course the Bad Buss Mojo Stillwell Audio (see my review on this app very interesting), but I often use the latter in conjunction with PSP when I want a slightly more pronounced saturation.
In total and for many years, I can not imagine a mix without this plug-in to appear here and there.