Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Boss HR-2 Harmonist

HR-2 Harmonist, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Boss.

Mambosun 06/11/2009

Boss HR-2 Harmonist : Mambosun's user review


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Stros three effects pedals in one:

Align: up two playable all harmonies and settings separately.

De-Tuner / Chorus: When both buttons are rgls harmonization 12, great chorus even though I am far from being a fan of this l.

Octave: octave to the high notes + to a low notes for each of the two buttons of harmonization, all playable characters and settings separately.

Obviously we can mix two DIFFERENT effects at the same time, for example + Harmonizer Chorus.


The choice of the range of harmonization is not intuitive, especially for those who do not know solfge.
It ncessitera a lot of learning to express and achieve the desired effect.

Once found it's really a unique effect!

Impractical if the pedals up APRS and other effects: connect with a Y-jack connections and use the "In" and "Detection" to allow the HR2 properly detect the note jou e and thus produce the harmonization prcismment.


The effects are trs effective against a few limitations:

Align or position Octaver ago lgre latency which can be likened a lightweight effect "short delay", it n'altre not too sound but must be taken into account in its game, and ensure for example not to use it in addition to a delay.

The harmonization "suprieures" (button rgl APRS position 12) color the sound and make it a little synthetic, so make sure not to push the button of the effect of intensity too far .
on the other hand, it's a little "guitar-synthquot; is less pronounced for rglages in the forward position 12 and virtually disappears when used with distortion.

Not a test but I guess qualiseur paramtrique must effectively address the small default stamp.


I use it for a dozen years both in chorus, that harmonizing Octaver, I think it brings a spectacular solo, as it is abused or not.

She is also sometimes look for harmony in my compositions.

My only concerns the Reserved SETTING THE range of harmonization should be idalie Fawn transparent compltement automatic.

No problem of reliability report: the good, the beautiful, the Boss .....