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Lighting accessories for musicians

Tools to play with lights when you are not a light technician
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If you only have your talent and hard work to deliver a good concert, here are some nifty tools to help you make your gigs more visually appealing.

Do note that we are not speaking about professional lighting here, but rather about tools that allow you to create a bright atmosphere for not much money.

LED power

Solid, cheap and very small, LEDs have truly revolutionized lighting, to the point that they are used for all sorts of situations. We'll begin with the Drumlite LED kits, which allow you to light up every drumhead of your drum kit, giving you control overt the colors and triggering off the lights with a module.

The rest of the instruments can also be lit up and it's pretty easy to find LED strips that aren't too hard to fix onto a keyboard, a mic stand or an amp, for instance. Be sure not to turn your band into a Christmas tree, though – use them prudently.

There are also lots of "lively" clothing items you can find online, from shoes to caps and hats, gloves, t-shirts with VU-meters, wigs, and even false teeth. Do note, however, that you should use all of these neat tools sparingly and not overdo it, especially considering that, most times, one of these accessories is probably more than enough to give a touch of originality to your shows.

  • drumlight
  • lightribbon
  • ledcasquette
  • CIP 100 Cotton Kids T shirts Girls Boys 2017 Funny Led Luminous Clothing Brand Kids Sports 640x640
  • led blue tie
  • programm t shirt
  • ledgloves

Black magic

Another way to light up your show at a low cost is to get some blacklight and fluorescent elements. Depending on your needs and wishes, you could get a Power Lighting Par SLIM 6x3W UV or a UV Bar Led 16x3W or even an ADJ (American DJ) UV Flood 36, to name just a few of the many options on the market.


  • power lighting uv bar led 16x3w 223866
  • power lighting par slim 6x3w uv 252602
  • adj american dj uv flood 36 244027

And there are also adhesive rolls in all colors, markers and makeup, as well as clothing and music accessories (drumsticks, guitar picks, guitar and bass strings) that glow when used with blacklight. There's plenty of stuff to have some fun with, even if you are on a tight budget.

  • maquillage fluo visage exemple
  • fluorescence make up w1
  • zildjanneon
  • mini gaffer fluo tissu lot de 5 couleurs 12 12mm x 55m


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