Agnula Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi
Agnula Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi

Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi, Operating System from Agnula.

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pdemong 09/21/2005

Agnula Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi : pdemong's user review


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Installation not so easy
The actual installation from the CD DeMuDi is simple: it is guided by the screens to choose language, keyboard ... Only downside: no way to use an existing partition without formatting. One must therefore reject the installation of old scores after installation (in the tampering ficheir / etc / fstab).
Installation is quick, we are asked to remove the CD and go ... actually no, we left for a series of installation, and more are asked to reinsert the CD. In the 2nd phase of installation is a long time: especially if you have an old config (type PII 300Mz even with 320M of ram). Some packages like acpid (manager activity of periph) have refused to settle. If you have a more powerful config, this second part is not too long.
Finally: we arrive on the product itself.

Be careful if you have 2 sound card
The simplest way to be sure to use the right (and not integrated into the chipset of your motherboard manufacturer ;-)), must stop all audio and run:
sudo alsaconf
It selects our sound card so that it is used by default.

Then you can launch Jack and start having fun.

The installation took me some time because as Jack not work, it's as if you had not installed to the computer music. But once Jack rolls is rather promising.


I have two configs:
- A P2 300Mz (Amptron PII-2200) boosted with 320 MB Ram + Sound Card M-Audio Audiophile 2496
- A P4 with 512 MB Ram 2.4Gz + sound card M-Audio Audiophile 2496

The old cuckoo, FLOW average synth sounds come out all wrong, if at all I do not know why.
On the computer later, while bathing.


I am in full discovery, I will see later for an objective opinion. I'm just excited for the moment.