Agnula Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi
Agnula Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi

Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi, Operating System from Agnula.

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LimiterOff 09/02/2004

Agnula Distribution DeMuDi/RehMuDi : LimiterOff's user review


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The installation is not the easiest forcment is the point where I think there is more to do.
But in any case for a simple test there is the Live CD which does NOT install on the computer and boot the system just not the CD


I have a pentium III with a 1000 Delta 44 sound card and everything works well trs.
Any way it's linux so everything is customizable.
While the program is its nssessaires dja install base.
It is not always facole to know what does what when it comes to windows but when you search on discovering a power standard and freedom to act incredible. Especially thanks to Jack Audio connection in kit that connects the audio program to another.


I use it for several months.
I love the total freedom for free (and without being an outlaw)
Quality price ratio = infinity
Try this: Download CD Live!